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Quality and occupational safety

Occupational safety

We protect our employees against occupational risks and hazards. We identify risks, assess their implications on occupational safety and health, and, together with the employees, take the required measures to eliminate the risks. We take into account the individual skills, abilities and state of health of each employee whilst identifying and assessing risks.

For us, occupational safety also represents an economic benefit, and it improves the well-being of the entire work community. Occupational safety measures are not a burden – they make the company stronger and improve the working environment.

For each of us, occupational safety is an important part of our professional skill set, and also part of the everyday routines of a modern, dependable and efficient business enterprise.

Occupational Safety Manager Aarno Kellin (Oulu)
Electrical Installation and Design Manager Pauli Pitkälä (Jyväskylä)


Our company has a valid ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 quality management system certificates (Oulu office). (ISO 9001) (ISO 45001)

A quality management system is an essential part of the success of an organisation. The system assists in analysing the organisation’s own processes, as well as customer needs.

Quality management takes place by means of process management. Hence, a quality system is an excellent management system.

Quality Manager Jorma Jalkanen (Oulu)

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