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Updated on 6 July 2020

1. Data Controller

Name: PCS-Engineering Oy
Business ID: 1930219-9
Address: Kiertorata 17 DF3, 90440 Kempele, Finland
Telephone: +358 40 584 4762

2. Register supervisor

Name: Pekka Syväjärvi
Telephone: +358 40 584 4762

3. Data protection supervisor

Name: Jorma Jalkanen
Telephone: +358 50 3718 259

4. Purpose of the register

The personal data that we collect is used to identify our customers, to maintain key accounts, and to develop our online service.

5. Data collection

Customer data is collected with the website’s electronic contact forms. The personal data that is collected when a form is submitted include:

  • The person’s name
  • The company’s name
  • An email address
  • Personal data is retained for as long as necessary to implement the customer’s agreement or to develop our customer service. The data will not be used for marketing purposes.

6. Regular data sources

Register data is collected directly from the data subjects. Data is also collected with the Google Analytics tool.

7. Regular disclosure of data and transfers outside of the EU or the European Economic Area

Data is not disclosed to third parties as a rule. Some of the external service or software providers our company uses may store data outside of the EU or the European Economic Area.

8. Use of cookies

We make use of cookies on our website. Cookies are small text files stored on the user’s computer, which make it possible for website operators to identify users that visit the site often, to enable users to log in to the website, as well as to facilitate the creation of combined data of users. This feedback allows us to constantly improve the content of our website. Cookies are not harmful to the user’s computer or personal files. We use them to provide our customers with customised information and services.

If a visitor to our website does not wish us to collect data using cookies, they may prevent cookies from being through their web browser. This can usually be done through the browser’s settings. Please remember, however, that cookies may be necessary for our website to function correctly.

9. Register protection

Data is transferred over a secure SSL connection. Electronic data is protected with a firewall, usernames and passwords. Only persons employed by the data controller that need the data for their work have access to the data.
Personal data processing is carried out in accordance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation, which came into force on 25 May 2018.

10. Automated decisions

Automated individual decisions (GDPR article 22) are not made.

11. Rights of the data subject

Data subjects have the right to check what data regarding them is stored in a personal data register. Written requests for access must be sent to the person that supervises the register. Access is provided free of charge on a once-per-year basis. Data subjects are entitled to demand the correction or removal of false or outdated data. They also have the right to object to or limit the processing of their data in accordance with GDPR articles 18 and 21. Data subjects have the right to revoke their consent for data processing or submit a complaint to the supervising authority regarding matters of the processing of their data.

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