Services for the process industry

EI&A consulting

Our electrical, instrumentation and automation (EI&A) consulting services include cost accounting, basic engineering and specification tasks for projects, EI&A expert services, project management and coordination services, work safety inspections as well as sourcing and procurement tender services.

Mechanical and process technology consulting

  • Steel production technology
  • Steam boiler plant technology
  • Planning and management for industrial plant maintenance
  • Technical plans and cost analyses for industrial investment
  • Construction and HVAC sourcing, project management, site planning and site management
  • Sourcing, project management, site planning and site management for industrial investments
  • Work safety hazard management for industrial plants and investment projects
  • Sourcing and control for machine shop and plant pipeline manufacturing
  • Sourcing and control of mechanical installation work
  • 3D plant design (Autodesk Inventor, Vertex and Solidworks)

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